Electronic Invoicing on the Blockchain

What is Smart Invoice?

Smart receipts are a leading business innovation which enable e-invoice on the blockchain. They simplify accounting document management, and at the same time can be used as proof of the source of the product or process, which raises the degree of supply chain transparency and safeguards both businesses and customers.


Instant Transfers Worldwide

Just like e-mail, you can use a computer or a smartphone for receiving and sending. Global access, all year round.

Paperless, Simplified Management

Reduces paper waste and paper management, has web and smartphone support, and features simple operation. Includes automatic status tracking and calculation for payment making and payment requests.

Prevents Fraud and Information Can Never be Modified

Using blockchain's globally notarized ledgers, information is an asset. You can post permanent records which can not be tampered with.

Real-time Auditing Reduces Payment Errors

Smart invoice can not be rejected or deleted, which can improve the loss or errors caused by undeliverable traditional mail or e-mail.

Supply Chain Transparency and Tracking & Tracing

Smart invoices can be used as proof of upstream and downstream sources of raw materials, processes, and services, enabling an interlocking of the supply chain and automatically forming a production and sales history, which can be used in product labeling, improving tracking and tracing.

Can be Used as Proof of Source and Ownership

Identity can not be forged. It's like a product passport, which can prove the source or ownership, thus safeguarding both businesses and consumers.
Authentication and Anti-counterfeit

Digital certificates can be widely used in a variety of approval recordings and verifications to ensure origin and authenticity. They can be sent to other parties via email, to avoid the inconvenience involved in handling regular electronic documents or paper documents, improving efficiency and fraud prevention, and they can not be tampered with.

Supply Chain Traceability

Smart receipt users can be used to tracking the history of blockchain transactions, which promotes transparency in the supply chain. Without prior application specification cumbersome centralized database login, a substantial increase in convenience and ease of use.

Raw materials





Using QR Codes to tell a product's story

Your product is a new communication medium

Smart Invoice connected with your products or services, origin, production process, designers, suppliers, partners, locations, inventory, channels, online or offline...




Then you can
Proof of Existence
Proof of Process
Proof of Ownership
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New Traceability System

Proof of Supply Chain is as easy as sending an email. Low cost, flexible, Impartiality.

Add QR Codes to Your Labels

Try scanning this barcode, and see what happens.

Smart invoice now available on Android and iOS