Industrial Blockchain Service

Using blockchain technology, new energy is injected into enterprises. Any asset, product or service processes you can imagine which can be digitized, can be published, traded, and have contracts concluded for on blockchain, and permanent records can be made.

DTCO specializes in supply chain tracking and tracing and in blockchain asset management, making the supply chain transparent, and making global production and sales tracking into a simple matter. In addition, by guiding the introduction of blockchain contract management into enterprise, corporate assets can be activated, enabling businesses to automate, dramatically reducing their operating costs, and allowing professional expertise to focus on value creation, raising economic efficiency.

Product & Service

Integrating Blockchain with Smart Contract Technology Leads to Business Innovation

Biomedical IP Sharing

Healthcare Blockchain

Digital Identity
e-indigenous nation


DTCO and Taipei Medical University Hospital Will Soon Reveal Joint Project to Improve Patient Record Security Using Blockchain Technology.

Distributed Ledger Technology

More than bitcoin, issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way.


Instant settlemant and confirmation

Free Transactions

No miners, No transaction fee

Highly Scalable

Thousand transactions per second


Anchored into public blockchain, proof of data intergrity


There is no central ledger, it uses partionned consensus


Completely customizable, from transparent to private


RESTful Web API Services, easy to implement


Every transaction is digital signed
Developer API
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True Solutions

DTCO provides industry with blockchain solutions, focusing on immediacy, security, scalability, and privacy to help enterprises carry out their business operations automatically. The main core technologies include open assets, smart contracts, distributed ledgers, transaction push notifications and so forth. At the same time we also make use of the Microsoft Azure platform and independent IDC facility resources.

Government Agencies

Blockchain provides government with the best tools for governance, whether for national defense and security, domestic affairs data, information on land, or registration of buildings and property. Administration of all of these can be simplified and security improved through using Tradechain.

Financial Institutions

Using Tradechain to issue digital currency, dramatically reducing the cost of cash management, and raising the rate of monetary liquidity. Financial institutions can use Tradechain in securities, bonds, electronic ticket issuance and trading. Banking services include international remittances, banking, loans, insurance, and so on. Through smart contracts and cryptocurrency, services can be extended worldwide.

Food Industry

Smart invoices can be used as proof of upstream and downstream sources of raw materials, processes, and services, enabling an interlocking of the supply chain and automatically forming a production and sales history. This can be used in product labeling, improving tracking and tracing, and putting an end to the sale of contaminated products by unscrupulous food vendors, thus safeguarding both businesses and consumers. Please take a look at the blockchain tracking model.

Pharmaceutical and Health Care

Supply chain transparency is a global trend. The use of a blockchain network can solve many problems in pharmaceutical management, use, auditing, tracking and tracing.This ranges from preventing counterfeit drugs and drug abuse, simplifying medicinal product source management to end-of-line public medical data records, providing tracking and tracing of medicinal products, and thereby reducing waste of medical resources.


Using blockchain strategy is the best model for an enterprises' economic sustainability. Through issuing smart contracts, the use of the blockchain takes corporate governance up to a new level.


Blockchain technology integrates perfectly with the Internet of Things. If every IoT device node uses blockchain, this can become an independently operating social enterprise. Not easy to comprehend? Look at these examples.

Smart City

How can we safeguard our citizens' property and privacy, while still allowing the smart city to serve you? Tradechain's layered architecture allows an ID to have unlimited avatars, in which each avatar is allowed only external read access to rights-limited information.

Global Citizen

The World Economic Forum expects 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) to be stored on Blockchain technology by 2027. We are entering the new era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy.

Smart Contract


On top of blockchain it is possible to create close corporation, carry out equity crowdfunding, and for contractual-type companies to enter into contracts with shareholders, while at the same time allowing operators the ability to arrange how they distribute dividend profits and surpluses.

Business Automation

Significant savings in time and labor costs and reduction of errors can be realized for decision-making voting systems, automated real-time gross settlements, payroll distribution, supply chain cash flow income and payments.


The era of the shared economy has now arrived. Through the shared ownership of enterprises, employees are able to focus on value creation, bringing customers, employees, and shareholders together in mutual cooperation and sustainable development.


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